Capsules Barista Shop Espresso Blend Crema (25 pcs)




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Capsules Nespresso Compatible Barista Shop Espresso Blend Crema

Origin - Description : Since 2010, the in collaboration with one of the most trusted Roasters in the Greek market and with the help of a successful Barista, created a special blend with a quite familiar flavor profile. A blend of 70% Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Guatemala and 30% Indian Robusta. It's a pretty balanced set  with mild acidity and full body, that will bring out flavors of chocolate , vanilla and nuts , with a beautiful finish and strong durability. In the process of cupping it has been observed that the blend  keeps its characteristics when it is cool , making it ideal for cold beverages .

Package: 25 capsules, each capsule contains 7 gramms of finely ground coffee 

*Capsules are not compatible with Nespresso®professional machine and with Nespresso® Miele® CVA series.

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