BWT Water And More Bestmax Soft M KIT Filter Cartridge and Head




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BWT Water And More Bestmax Soft M KIT Filter Cartridge and Head 


  • Economical limescale protection for low levels of water hardness
  • Outstanding sensory water quality for filter coffee and speciality coffees
  • Customised for HORECA applications
  • 5-stage filtration system, particularly suitable for lower levels of water hardness
  • High Efficiency Technology (HET) for maximum filtration capacity
  • Cutting edge bypass technology
  • Outstanding sensory water and a balanced mineral content
  • Additional bypass water filtration
  • Active carbon fleeces for removing unwanted tastes and smells from the water
  • Innovative filter head matching all filter sizes - upgrade/downgrade possible
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Simple handling
  • Reduction of energy costs

Technical data

  1. Total height without brackets: approx 475 mm
  2. Total height with bracket: approx 500 mm
  3. Connection height: 425
  4. Distance from floor: 65 mm
  5. Installed length: 126 mm
  6. Filter cartridge diameter: ø 130 mm
  7. Weight dry/wet: 2,4/4,2 Kg
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