Hario Cold Brew Aluminium Coffee Jug 1lt




Just by adding coffee grounds and water, you can make iced coffee. 

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Capacity (ml)1000
OtherHigh-quality Hario glass, Cold Brewing

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Hario Cold Brew Aluminium Coffee Jug 1lt

For anyone who likes cold brewed coffee, the Hario Cold Brew Aluminium Coffee Jug is the ideal product. This simple device produces up to 1000 ml of cold brew concentrate that’s rich and balanced without requiring much effort or technique.


  • Simple and classic brewing system that brings out the full flavor and coffee aromas by slowly allowing the oils to infuse with cold water.
  • Cold brewing preserves delicate flavor compounds, while eliminating bitter oils and acids that would be extracted at higher temperatures.
  • Prevents coffee oxidization
  • Fine grade mesh filter ensures clarity in the cup.
  • Makes a perfect cold brew base that is ideal for ice coffee served neat over ice or with a dash of milk.
  • Makes up to 1000ml / 8 cups of coffee in about 8 to 15 hours


  • Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Cold brew glass coffee maker
  • Built with Hario’s signature heat proof high borosilicate glass
  • Mesh filter design eliminates the need for extra filters
  • Great tasting, rich cold brewed coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Model: CBS-10HSV  

Suggested instructions

For best results, we recommend using a ratio of 80g coffee per liter of cold water, and a medium grind.

  • Place the ground coffee into the mesh filter
  • Place the filter into the decanter
  • Add cold water through the filter to saturate all the coffee and stir
  • Add the remaining cold water to the carafe
  • Secure the lid, and place in the refrigerator for 8 to 18hrs
  • Remove the mesh filter and discard the used coffee grounds
  • Serve with ice and enjoy!

Cold brew coffee really doesn’t get any easier than immersion pitchers like this one from Hario.

Instruction Manual

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