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Privacy Policy would like you to know and have control of which data you share with us and what we do with this data. This text (which is called Privacy Policy) explains with simple words which data we collect and how we use them. The purpose of this text is to help you decide  which data you want to share with us and how.

We advise you to read the hole privacy policy, however we sum up the most important parts here to help you out:

  • When you use even for a simple product search, we receive from you personal data such as your IP address and the type of device you are using, without identifying you. When you create an account to you share with us your email address, your phone number and shipping information  for better support. We use these information for your account assurance and contact you for matters of your concern.
  • desires to make your online shopping experience better. We offer you the ability to save to your account products that you are interested in or  products that you already purchased from our shop. We use information from the products you search, view and save in collaboration with Google Analytics to show you results that might interest you more and to notify you for deals through newsletter or other ways of communication.
  • Through your account settings  you can choose which data you want to share with us and to manage your preferences according to communication and promotion actions.

For any questions or observation regarding this privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us through email to

Data that you provide to us

Account information

You don’t need to have an account to use, however you can choose to create an account in order to have access to some of our services such as to complete fast your future orders. If you choose to create an account, we will ask you for your email address, a username, address information and phone number (also company information when you need invoice). Your username appears in all your public activity, such us conversation or product and store ratings. We will use your email address to contact you for your account status, shipping orders (ex confirmation mail), potential clarifications that concerns your orders or to sent you newsletters for promotions as long as you want us to.

Finally, you can choose to share with us information such as your sex and age to help us collect statistics for the audience we appeal to.


Each shipping address is necessary to deliver fast and correct the orders that we process.

Products and purchasing

Google analytics drags order information to help us create data statistics according to product demand. With the users permission the address, the name of the order, the cost of the order (as long as the option of cash on delivery is chosen) and the phone number are given to the courier company.

Shipping / billing information

Barista– uses a credit card billing platform and will never request your card information for any reason. Your card number, the ccv and the rest information are not visible to us and are processed between third parties. The contact and shipping information as we mentioned before are giver to courier companies that take over your orders for delivery.

Data that we receive

When you use our services or visit other websites that consist content from, we may receive data that concern you. We use these data, including the data you share with us, in order to provide you with our services


Cookies are small text files that include information which is stored to your computer or device and which you send to us each time you visit us. We use cookies in order to present too you personalized content and to measure the performance of and to export statistic data for the use of our services. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, though you can control your browser’s behavior through its settings. Keep also in mind that cookies are necessary for your account to function, although they are not necessary for every website use. For example the search and product comparison functions without cookies. 

History of action

All online services have access to certain data that are sent from your device during your online surfing. We too at receive those data during your navigation through our e-shop even if you have not created an account. For instance, when you visit we receive some data. Those data are called Action History Data.

The history of data contains information like your IP address, type of device you are using and its developer, the browser you use, the site you are visiting or the site you where referred to us from, the terms of internet search you used and also your Cookies. Our site uses Google Analytics so we can receive information about your purchases without them being linked to your account.

We use all those data to assure that our site and services work perfect and with security and speed so you can have the best experience possible. We also use those data to improve our online content and be able to assess how good our online shop is working. Another form of use is showing you products or services that may interest you more.

Information we share is an online store. In general we do not share your personal information to 3rd parties. If there is a need to do so we will ask for your consent to improve our services. Another case is we may be obliged to do so in order to follow laws and regulations that are in effect.

Service Providers

In order for us to provide our services we also use service providers in the EU or USA. For example we use Google Analytics to better understand how our users navigate through and we use networks to be able to provide our services online. We may share your personal data with providers like the ones we mentioned above but always in a way that agrees with our policy and assurance that the data will be used in a way we will indicate. We also share your data with service providers like banks or PayPal when you pay for products or services.

Law Compliance

We may store, use or publish your personal information if this is necessary to abide laws and standing legislation or if there is a legal matter that requires such actions to be taken. We may do so to stop fraud incidents or the spreading of false news, lies, inappropriate and unwanted content.

Company Assets

The data you share with us are considered company assets and are stored in our database but you have the right to revoke your account at any given time and request your personal information and data deletion from our company database through an email to and we will take action to do so and inform you when its done.

Non-Personalized Information

We share non personalized data in the form of statistics or summarized information about the popularity of products that are displayed on online shops.

Manage your Data

You can check, correct and/or delete  information at any time through your profile settings on your account.


You can ask for your account to be deleted by sending an email to 

Procedure Exception

You can use your account settings to be excluded of some actions and forms of processing. For example you can choose not to receive our newsletter and disable some kinds of notifications.

Extra Information and Help

Do not hesitate to contact us about any questions, doubts or suggestions related to our privacy policy.

The company that receives and processes your information while using our online store ( is:



Phone : 2521035203

Email :

Policy Changes

Due times we revise our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use but the most recent version will always be available on our website. If we judge that a revision is significant we will notify you via mail at the address you have stated on your account. In any case by using our website and our services you accept our policy and are bunted by its terms.

This Policy was revised last at 24rth of May 2018 and will be in effect from the 25thof May 2018 and onwards.



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