Wega MyConcept EVD/3 Total Color Professional Espresso Machine




Automatic with volumetric dosage espresso coffee machine with four programmable doses
per group plus manual brewing.

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Power (W)5600
Width (mm)600
Length (mm)1040
Boiler Group (ml)3* 1200
Voltage (V)230-400
Height (mm)590
Weight (Kg)117
Boiler (ml)13000

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Wega MyConcept EVD/3 Total Color Automatic Professional Espresso Machine

• User friendly 5’’ capacitive screen with “mobile like” interface with detailed instruction of machine programming and using
• Independent boiler technology
• High groups for serving in take away cup or in espresso cup by using the stainless steel pull out grid. Spout tip to grid 122mm or 82mm
• Programmable screen adaptable to business’s or to barista’s needs
• Slide show of your choice as you can load images, pictures, and logos e.t.c.
• Select command signals from one to six selections Ranging from a “single shot” barista manual set, to 4, 6 selections, as required by market’s needs
• On screen shot timer, temperature and pressure indication for any selection
• Three operating programs: Standard, automatic SLS or ECO energy saving that analysis data from all cycles made and indicates on screen how many watt saved
• Possibility to formulate a menu suitable to any business’s needs, copy it in real time, and share it on a multiple set of My Concept machines, throughout the world
• Send a messages to barista on machine’s capacitive screen through internet
• Remote machine control through Wi-Fi allowing managing remotely the machine (such as remote on/off, checking machine status, etc.)
• Temperature controllers enhanced with high resolution PWM for a meticulous temperature control
• Programmed water filter replacement

  • Available in black and white color

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