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Wega Urban EVD/2 Automatic Professional Espresso Machine




Automatic with volumetric dosage espresso coffee machine and four programmable doses
per group plus manual brewing.

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Length (mm)800
Power (W)4000
Width (mm)600
Boiler Group (ml)2* 1200
Voltage (V)230-400
Height (mm)590
Weight (Kg)105
Boiler (ml)8000

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Wega Urban EVD/2 Automatic Professional Espresso Machine

• The latest creation from Wega, inspired by our designers from professionals who have skilfully interpreted the demands of a constantly evolving market, based on an ongoing dialogue with selected baristas from across the world
• Α distinctive design, inspired by principles of urban design in which attention to aesthetics does not detract from functionality and sustainability
• Modern lines, cutting edge technology, the ability to adapt to any need
• Multi boiler technology
• 5” interactive capacitive touchscreen display positioned flush with the control panel with a protective tempered glass cover
• “Mobile-like” interface to stay upto- date and enable the barista to work easily and efficiently
• Easy-to-use tutorials that provide step-by-step support for the barista in dealing with a wide range of aspects, such as automatic grouphead washing, filter replacement and much more
• Instant upload of photos and images to the machine’s display. Users can personalise their machine in just a few simple steps
• Shot counter
• High groups for serving in take away cup or in espresso cup by using the stainless steel pull out grid. Spout tip to grid 122mm or 82mm
• New steam tap with dedicated knob with 90° rotation for quick and easy selection of off and on
• Dry steam function for the ultimate cappuccino cream
• Service boiler boost function for busy periods to guarantee even better performance
• Wi-Fi management packet to allow remote control (from laptop, tablet, smartphone) of all machine functions and settings.
• Accurate temperature monitoring of electronic components for accurate, real-time diagnostics
• Enhanced thermo regulators with high resolution PWM for precision temperature control.
• Separated hydraulic circuit to maintain consistent pressure as coffee is dispensed
• Three operating programs: Standard, automatic SLS or ECO energy saving that analysis data from all cycles made and indicates on screen how many watt saved

*The photo of the product is with 3 groups. The machine also comes with 2 groups.

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