Wega Concept D/2 Professional Espresso Machine




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Power (W)4400
Voltage (V)230-400
Weight (Kg)95
Height (mm)590
Width (mm)600
Length (mm)800
Boiler (ml)Steam 8000 Coffee 1200

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Wega Concept D/2 EVD Professional Espresso Machine

Aim high, choose Wegaconcept, the maximum expression of Wega technology in the service of environmental sustainability. A completely new design with clean minimalist lines frame an absolutely innovative, high performance and efficient coffee machine. The nighttime stand-by function, combined with our Multi-boiler and Self Learning Software technology means that the Wegaconcept can obtain energy savings certified at 47,6% on stand by and 30% in operation.
The multiple boiler technology, apart from the energy saving function which distributes power to the individual boilers only when required, guarantees an increased thermal heat stability of the coffee brewing boilers, giving us a  perfect espresso.
The function of the nocturnal standby mode, combined with the MBT and SLS technology, allow the Wegaconcept to obtain a certified energy saving of 47,6% during the nocturnal rest period, and of 30% during the operational period (relative to an average weekly consumption of 15kg of coffee).
Particular attention has been dedicated to the operational safety of the Wegaconcept. The Wegaconcept offers 5 separate safety features on the services boiler, and 4 separate safety features on the individual coffee brewing boilers.
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