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Capacity (ml)227
capacity (oz)8

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KeepCup Alchemy Melchior Small 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup


 The innovative reusable glass "Keepcup", designed and made in Australia, earned the trust of environmentally conscious people in 65 countries worldwide!

Ideal for transporting hot and cold drinks, retaining its taste.

It includes four sections: glass, removable lid, stopper and silicone band on the outside of the glass (for safe transportation of hot drinks) combining practicality with unique style.

Available in a wide variety of colors, with the opportunity of personal choice of different colors in different parts of the glass (glass-lid-film silicon-cap)

Three sizes available: S 8oz (227ml), M 12oz (340ml) και L 16oz (454ml)

Lightweight and unbreakable, suitable for microwave & dishwasher

Made from polypropylene # 5, a thermoplastic polymer with a high melting point (160 ° C), resistant to hot liquids, without splitting and releasing toxic substances in the liquid content,  as with other plastic food containers.

Conversely other plastics, contains no toxic substances such as BPA (Bisphenol A).


Think 'green' - Think keep cup!

 Help us reduce the greenhouse effect by buying a glass keepcup! The use of a glass keepcup during a year, instead of conventional cups, reduce the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect to 92%

20 disposable cups containing the same amount of plastic with a small keep cup.

Most 'paper' disposable glasses containing polyethylene (one of the most widely used plastics)

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