Flavoured green tea with red currant taste


The Tea Brewer Red Berry Dream Organic Green Tea

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Flavoured green tea with red currant taste

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Capacity (ml)400

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IngredientsTea*, Natural Flavour, Strawberry Bits*, Red Currants, Cornflowerpetals, Red*

 *certified Organic. Product Of The EU Agriculture/ Non-EU Agriculture

ORGANIC & NATURAL / NO artificial flavorings / NO sugar, NO sweetener

The Teabrewer concept is exclusively based on super premium whole leaf infusion teas. As an example, our fruit tea contains real dried berries and/or fruits. Our herbal tea contains real natural herbs, spices, vegetables etc.

The brewing principle in the Teabrewer is to ensure 100% direct contact between the hot water and the whole leaf tea. This allows for a natural and effective steeping of the whole leaf tea. In other words, the perfect INFUSION process

                                         --Open, brew & serve--

The Teabrewer is reusable!

The Teabrewer is reusable in multiple ways. You can brew 2 to 4 times on the same tea, depending on the variant. See instructions on backside label. Hereafter you can empty out the used tea-material, rinse the filter and refill with your own whole leaf tea. It is recommendable to let the bag dry out before refilling.The Teabrewer is made from paper that is coated with a PE foil on the inside. Basically it’s the same principle as a milk carton. The packaging contains no aluminium and has been designed with the utmost respect for our environment.

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